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Anya Taylor-Joy entered the world on April 16, 1996, in Miami, Florida, in the United States of America. While her mother, who is of English and Spanish descent, has worked in the areas of interior design and photography, her father, who is of Scottish and Argentine descent, worked as an international banker in the past. At the beginning of her education, Taylor-Joy attended a preparatory school in Kensington.

In subsequent years, she received her education at Queen’s Gate School in London and then Northlands School in Argentina. Anya Taylor-Joy, who was born in Argentina and raised in the United Kingdom, is an actress who is best known for her parts in the horror movies “The Witch,” “Split,” and “Glass.” The epithet of “scream queen” has been bestowed upon her as a result of the success of her parts in various horror films. Joy moved to Argentina when she was a little child.

Her father is of Scottish and Argentine descent, while her mother is of English and Spanish descent. Joy was born in the United States. She relocated to London when she was six years old and continued her studies there until she was 16 years old when she was discovered by a modeling agency and began her career. Taylor-Joy is a lady of many talents, as shown by the fact that she was awarded the Trophée Chopard at the Cannes Film Festival. In addition to being educated in ballet, she has a strong aptitude for playing the electric guitar and the ukulele.

Behind the scenes, the stunning woman is a kind sister to five, and she is also swiftly ascending the ranks of the entertainment industry’s elite. On a more personal level, she is a girl who places a strong emphasis on family. She considers the British actor Eddie Redmayne to be her number one movie infatuation, and she is a rabid supporter of his work. Anya Taylor-Joy started her career as a model at the age of 16 when she was discovered by a scout working for Storm Model Management when she was standing in front of the Harrods Department Store.

Her first appearance in front of the camera was in an episode of “Endeavour” in the year 2014.The next year, she became known for playing Thomasin in the historical horror film ‘The Witch,’ which brought her a lot of attention. During the same year, Joy appeared as Cassandra in an episode of the British fantasy-adventure television show titled “Atlantis.” In the year 2016, she had roles in the science fiction–horror film ‘Morgan’ directed by Luke Scott, as well as the thriller ‘Split’ starring Casey Cooke.

Anya Taylor Joy

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Anya Taylor-Joy Fanmail Address :

Anya Taylor-Joy
United Agents Ltd.
12-26 Lexington Street
London, W1F 0LE

If you are one of her many admirers and who want to write a letter to Anya Taylor-Joy, we recommend that you utilize her fan mail address provided here. According to the AR, the fan mail address is Anya Taylor-Joy, United Agents Ltd., 12-26 Lexington Street, London, W1F 0LE, UK

The worth of an autograph is determined by a number of things, including desire, popularity, and what was autographed. What is the uniqueness of the signature? What is the status of the signature, how easily accessible it is, and how unusual is it? What network is it linked to? and much more.

Joy appeared in the film as a friend of Barack Obama and shared the screen with a number of other artists, including Devon Terrell, Jason Mitchell, Jenna Elfman, Ashley Judd, Ellar Coltrane, and Avi Nash. Anya Taylor-Joy made her debut in the role of Petronella Brandt in the television miniseries “The Miniaturist” in the year 2017. In the same year, she was also given the opportunity to appear in “Marrowbone,” a psychological horror film from Spain, as well as “Thoroughbreds,” the first feature film directed by Cory Finley.

In the movie “Glass,” which was released in 2019, the outstanding actress played the character of Casey once again. Soon, she would appear in a variety of films, some of which include “Radioactive,” “The New Mutants,” “Playmobil: The Movie,” and “Here Are the Young Men.” The new television series “The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance,” which will air on Netflix, is a prequel to the film “The Dark Crystal,” which was released in 1982. Taylor-Joy will also contribute her voice to the role of Brea in this series.

In addition to this, the stunning woman would play the lead role in a reimagining of “Nosferatu” that would be directed by Eggers. Another project, which is going to be called “The Sea Change,” will also involve Joy. Anya Taylor-Joy was said to have ignited engagement rumors in June 2022 when she was seen flashing what may have been a wedding band to paparazzi while traveling in Sydney, Australia, according to Page Six. The ring was observed by photographers. But honestly, you can forget about the ring.

Have you seen the pod-pack that she was carrying in which her darling kitty Kitsune was housed? (I digress.)Who exactly is the one who got lucky? Malcolm McRae, a musician who is 28 years old and a member of the band more*, has been revealed to be the person in question. ICYMI, the star of The Queen’s Gambit and the singer, pianist, and guitarist have been dating since the beginning of 2021 and already behave like a long-married couple (complimentary). Anya told the British edition of Vogue that for the April issue of the publication, “I’ve finally found someone who can gladly sit in quiet with me reading.

We’re practically 80 years old and seven at the same time, and it works extremely well,” said one of the members of the group. According to People, Malcolm really penned a song for Anya only two days after the two of them first met. As if this adorable couple could be much sweeter, Additionally, these two individuals have the same birthdate, which was brought to light by the really endearing joint birthday post that the winner of the Golden Globe made on Instagram in the month of April.

The pair is obviously head over heels in love with one another, and body language expert Karen Donaldson, who has studied the couple’s hand placements and gestures over the course of the last several months, could not be more in agreement with this assessment. Find out what Anya and Malcolm’s relationship is like based on the way they carry themselves in the next section.

The fact that Malcolm maintains his composure and exhibits a feeling of self-assurance may be an indication that he takes satisfaction in the connection he has with Anya. His shoulders are also relaxed, and, as Donaldson points out, “if we combine his hands in his pockets, with the sexy grin on his face, which we couple together to form what we call a cluster (a series of gestures that reinforce a similar message), it reads as confident and flirty.”Anya’s hand placement on Malcolm’s shoulder, as explained by Donaldson, is a suggestion of possessiveness and an indication that she is pleased to be with him.

The fact that Malcolm’s hand was placed on Anya’s upper thigh and on the outside region of her buttocks is evidence that the couple has a good physical connection. Because it is so obvious that he is physically attracted to her, it is quite unlikely that they would ever have any conflicts in the bedroom. (I hope that brings them joy.)Anya, on the other hand, places her hand on Malcolm’s thigh in a gesture that communicates “he is mine,” and by standing in front of him, she creates the impression of “a barrier between him and spectators,” according to Donaldson. She is making it quite apparent that he is just hers and that he belongs to her alone.

In general, holding hands may convey feelings of warmth, comfort, love, and safety. However, the manner in which a couple holds hands can also indicate a lot about how they are feeling in the present moment. Despite this, there is no need for Anya to be concerned since Malcolm’s posture and facial expressions indicate that he has her back. Donaldson argues that the way Malcolm is cupping his hand and softly holding Anya’s indicates a sign of love and support for the other person. “The way Malcolm is cupping his hand and lightly holding Anya’s is a sign of support for the other person.”

When Anya Taylor-Joy is performing, the atmosphere is almost always strained in some manner. Anya Taylor-Joy always seems to be caught in a struggle with some unseen power that she can only just keep at bay, whether it be in her breakout role as a 17th-century Puritan desperately trying to ward off the forces of evil in Robert Eggers’ The Witch or in her turn as a depressed, substance-abusing chess prodigy in The Queen’s Gambit. Both of these roles have been credited to Anya Taylor-Joy.

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Anya Taylor-Joy Phone number and Contact Details:

Due to her vast following, it is impossible to directly contact her. Her phone number is Not Available. We may also offer her office fax number Not Available.

Please note that we do not have her personal phone number. You may contact her via her assistant.

Anya Taylor-Joy Official Website and Email Id:

Anya Taylor-Joy’s official website and email address are shown below.
Please go to Anya Taylor-Joy‘s email address and official website for the most up-to-date information available.
Anya Taylor-Joy’s official website is
We are unable to contact her since we do not have her email address.

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Instagram Handle
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Some Important Facts About Anya Taylor-Joy:

  1. She was born on 16 April 1996.
  2. Her age is 26 Years Old.
  3. Her birth sign is Aries.

This is made abundantly evident in Edgar Wright’s film, Last Night in Soho, which was released in 2021 and was a terrible voyage through memories and dreams. Unfortunately, the film was not successful at the box office. The good news is that it is now available to watch on HBO Max, and it is getting set to get the recognition it deserves as one of the most accomplished and stylish horror movies to come out in recent years.

In the film “Last Night in Soho,” Anya Taylor-Joy plays the role of Sandie, an aspiring young singer living in London during the 1960s swing era. In the movie, she exudes an almost dazzling amount of beauty, elegance, and charm; her star power is at an all-time high, despite the fact that, in a sense, she is not the star of the movie itself. Ellie (Thomasin McKenzie), a reserved young fashion student who has just moved to London, is the protagonist of the first part of Last Night in Soho. Anya Taylor-Joy doesn’t appear in the film until much later in the story.

At first, we observe Thomasin McKenzie at her house in Cornwall, where she is wearing an eccentric outfit she fashioned herself and dancing to an old Peter & Gordon song while having a vision of another lady looking at her through a mirror. After a short while, it is made abundantly clear that McKenzie has been brought up by her grandmother (Rita Tushingham, the first of numerous cinema icons from the 1960s to appear in the film), after the death of her mother. It also becomes obvious that she is lying to her grandma about having visions of her mother because she is afraid that the visions are an indication of her mother’s mental illness, which she also inherited from her mother.

Thomasin McKenzie, played by Thomasin McKenzie, is quickly bullied by her pretentious roommate Jocasta (Synnve Karlsen) and her cadre of mean girls until she desperately moves to a bedsit run by Ms. Collins. The film takes us from the bucolic English countryside to London, where Thomasin McKenzie is swiftly bullied (Diana Rigg in her steely final performance). It is at this point in the story that the hook of Last Night in Soho truly kicks in, as McKenzie starts having vivid hallucinations of London in the 1960s.

The story follows Anya Taylor-Joy as she bravely attempts to launch a career in the entertainment industry. Because this is a horror movie, it is reasonable to assume that nothing will go according to plan. Edgar Wright is well-known for being a director who always manages to cram as much information as possible onto the screen. This can be seen in everything from the meticulously selected soundtrack of hits from the 1960s to the dazzling visualization of the double life of Anya Taylor-Joy and Thomasin McKenzie to the eventual terrifying faceless ghosts that begin to pursue McKenzie.

McKenzie’s life starts to come apart at the seams as the visions of Anya Taylor-descent Joy into the seedy underworld of Soho become darker and darker. She begins to question which reality she is living in at any given moment, and she becomes increasingly unsure of which reality she will find herself in. As soon as she has a vision of her terrifying and violent murder of Anya Taylor-Joy at the hands of her alternately suave and horrifying pimp Matt Smith, she becomes convinced that a creepy silver-haired barfly (Terence Stamp, completing the film icon trifecta) is the murderer, and she begins her own investigation into the case.

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