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Barbara Eden was born on August 23, 1931, in the city of Tucson, Arizona, to parents named Alice Mary and Hubert Henry Morehead. She was given the name Barbara Jean Morehead when she was born. When Eden’s parents split up, she was only three years old at the time. After that, she relocated to San Francisco with her mother, and there is where she spent her childhood.
Since “The Great Depression,” Barbara had a simple childhood because her family was unable to afford many extravagances at that time.

Barbara’s mother used to keep her daughter entertained by singing songs, which subsequently served as a source of motivation for Barbara to pursue a career in the film industry.In 1949, Eden received his high school diploma from Abraham Lincoln High School. During her school days, Eden had been a cheerleader. During her teenage years, she also had a career as a pop singer. Barbara, unlike the majority of other actresses, who are easily swayed by the glitz of the film industry and a few sequences that inspire them, decided to take acting courses because she believed doing so would enhance her singing abilities.

Barbara spent one-year studying theater at City College in San Francisco, where she received her education. She entered and competed in a couple of beauty pageants in the early 1950s, and she won the title of “Miss San Francisco” in one of those contests. Barbara Eden is one of Hollywood’s few really classic beauties that the industry has ever created. Eden has maintained her supporters even up to this day, which is quite an accomplishment in a field where many great individuals and gorgeous faces have been forgotten over the course of their careers.

After appearing in a dozen films that were not commercially successful, Barbara rose to fame in the United States thanks to her part as a “Jeannie” in the long-running American comedy “I Dream of Jeannie.” The show is known worldwide. Even though it’s been fifty years since the comedy made its debut on television, many people can still recall their favorite episodes. This function also opened the door to a plethora of other opportunities. In addition to this, Barbara has been one of the most active actresses in the history of the profession. In her career that has spanned more than half a century.

Barbara has had roles in around 21 films and has contributed to the production of more than 50 television episodes. Eden has even been affiliated with almost all of the most prominent production companies in Hollywood, such as ‘Twentieth Century Fox,’ ‘Columbia,’ and ‘Tristar,’ which are responsible for the creation of a large number of her works. Barbara has appeared in a number of cameo roles for different television shows and even advertisements, which is something she continues to do even to this day. The fact that Eden contributed her vocals to a few tunes from one of her movies demonstrates that she is also a talented vocalist.

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Barbara Eden Fanmail Address :

Barbara Eden
P.O. Box 6061-617
Sherman Oaks, CA 91413

If you are one of her many admirers and who want to write a letter to Barbara Eden, we recommend that you utilize her fan mail address provided here. According to the AR, the fan mail address is Barbara Eden, P.O. Box 6061-617, Sherman Oaks, CA 91413, USA

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Back From Eternity, which was released in 1956, was the production in which Barbara made her debut as an actress. She had performed a part that was almost unnoticeable, that of a blonde college student. In 1957, she was offered a part in the series “How to Marry a Millionaire,” which was a television version of a movie with the same name. She played the character of a woman who was trying to marry a wealthy man.

Throughout the late 1950s and early 1960s, Barbara had appearances in a number of prominent television series, including “I Love Lucy,” “Perry Mason,” “Gunsmoke,” and “Route 66,” in addition to a dozen additional roles that are mostly forgotten now. In the year 1960, Barbara appeared with the iconic performer Elvis Presley in the film Flamingo Star. In this film, Barbara shared screen time with Elvis. In this movie, Eden portrayed the role of Presley’s love interest.

When famed writer Sidney Sheldon contacted Barbara with the offer to appear in his comedy, ‘I Dream of Jeannie,’ Barbara’s life underwent a dramatic transformation. There were a total of five successful seasons of this show that aired between the years 1965 and 1970; it is now regarded as a cult classic. In the 1970s, Eden was cast in three prominent roles, the first of which was in the film ‘A Howling in the Woods,’ in which she appeared alongside Larry Hagman, her co-star from the television show ‘I Dream of Jeannie.’ The other two films were titled ‘The Woman Hunter’ and ‘The Stranger Within,’ respectively.

In 1978, Barbara had a starring role in the comedic film “Harper Valley PTA,” which was based on a folk song. The motion picture was then adapted into a television series at a later date. In each of these productions, Barbara was cast in the leading role. Even though Barbara has been involved in a great number of projects throughout the course of her career, she is most famous for her performance as Jeannie in the iconic television series “I Dream of Jeannie,” which aired in 1965.

The immensely popular program was brought back to life in 1985 as “I Dream of Jeannie, Fifteen Years Later,” in which Eden played the same character again. Back in 1997, rumors circulated that the massive Hollywood studio known as “Columbia Pictures” was interested in adapting this successful television series into a feature film. It was said that Eden will assume the role of the new Jeannie’s aunt in this film. Nevertheless, there is no evidence that such a project has ever been completed.

The panel of judges for the ‘Laurel Awards first took notice of Eden in 1961, when she was put up for consideration in the category of ‘Top Female New Personality.’ Eden finished this list in the tenth position, although she was not the one who was awarded the prize. Additionally, Eden was considered for the coveted “Golden Globe” honors not once but twice, first in the year 1967 and then again in the year 1970. Her performance as Jeannie in the long-running television series “I Dream of Jeannie” earned her a nod in the “Best TV star” category of the awards.

Eden was honored with a “Star on the Walk of Fame” award in the year 1988. This event took place at the 7003 Hollywood Boulevard address. In 2003, Eden was honored once again for her performance in the classic film from 1965, and she also took home a “TV Land Award” for her work in the television series “I Dream of Jeannie.” Both of these accomplishments were announced in the same year. She was dubbed “One of America’s 200 Greatest Pop Icons of the 20th Century” by the publication People’s magazine.

In 1958, Barbara tied the knot with television star Michael Ansara. 1974 was the year that the couple officially ended their marriage. Mathew was Barbara and Michael’s child together; they named him. Mathew developed a dependency on drugs at an extremely tender age and passed away at the age of 35 as a result of an overdose. Barbara tied the knot with Charles Donald Fegert, an executive at the Chicago Sun-Times, in the year 1977.

The divorce was finalized in 1983. In 1991, she took the next step in her life and wed Jon Trusdale Eicholtz; to this day, their marriage is still going strong. In the book titled “Jeannie Out of the Bottle,” Barbara documented her reflections on her personal life as well as her half-century-long career in Hollywood. The publishing company known as “Crown Archetype” issued this book into circulation in the year 2011. You are familiar with the iconic actress Barbara Eden regardless of whether you were born in 1966 or 1996.

You may not know her true name, but you probably are familiar with the name of the character she is most known for playing, Jeannie, from the television show “I Dream of Jeannie.” Eden had a memorable performance as the now-iconic character on the popular television program “I Dream of Jeannie,” which was also shown in syndication throughout the late 1960s. She portrayed the role of an old genie who was attempting to blend into human society by becoming the astronaut’s wife in the NBC series.

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Some Important Facts About Barbara Eden:

  1. She was born on 23 August 1931.
  2. Her age is 90 Years Old.
  3. Her birth sign is Virgo.

Because the program and character were such mainstays, the name Eden came to be synonymous with Jeannie, right along with the renowned lamp, outfit, and head nod associated with the character. Despite this, Eden has had a full existence behind the scenes, complete with both highs and lows. The celebrity, who is now 90 years old, began her career as an ambitious actor many years ago and continues to be active in the entertainment industry today.

In point of fact, she has even explored uncharted territories. Take a look back at her incredible life, which included a lengthy career and a surprising metamorphosis. During the period they spent in San Francisco, Eden’s family found themselves in a difficult financial situation during the Great Depression. As a result of the family’s limited financial resources, Eden’s mother would often sing to her children, which contributed to the development of the actress’s passion for singing.

Eden participated in pageants when she was younger in addition to singing in the choir at her local church. She also enrolled in acting lessons since she believed that doing so would assist her in developing her vocal abilities. The Abraham Lincoln High School in San Francisco is where the actor earned her diploma. Barbara Eden began her acting career with a credited appearance in the television series “West Point” in the year 1956. This was her first performance in Hollywood.

she became well-known after landing a recurrent job as a sketch performer on the pioneering late-night talk program “The Johnny Carson Show” in the year 1955. This was the moment when she earned a reputation for herself. After playing these parts, the actress went on to participate in a variety of series throughout the decade of the 1950s. Some of these shows include “I Love Lucy,” “The Millionaire,” and “Perry Mason.” During the same decade, she was also featured in a number of films, including “The Wayward Girl” and “A Private’s Affair,” earning her multiple acting credits.

The gifted couple welcomed their only child into the world in August of 1965, a boy who they called Matthew Michael Ansara. In her memoirs, Eden writes regarding the couple’s kid, she and her husband referred to him as their “lucky-charm baby” (via Closer Weekly). “At long last, we were blessed with a baby, and our love for him was beyond description. Our happiness knew no bounds, and our expectations that he would have a long, healthy, and fulfilled life were without limit.

After more than 15 years of marriage, Eden and Ansara were ultimately unable to reconcile their differences and divorced in 1974. Even though the program was only on the air for five years, it helped launch Eden into stardom, and her character is still around to this day. To such an extent that Eden is beginning to be used interchangeably with Jeannie. In response to a question from People regarding Jeannie, Eden said, “I guess what makes me so pleased is that so many people throughout the globe enjoy her.” “Not me.

They feel favorable about that character. They appreciate it for what it is rather than trying to change it. It transports them beyond their own self and into another realm. Due to her hilarious performance as a genie in the long-running and very popular television series “I Dream of Jeannie,” Barbara Eden is regarded as one of the most adored television performers in the United States. According to IMDb, the majority of the show’s comedy came from the interaction between Eden’s genie, who went by the name “Jeannie,” and an astronaut who found her sealed within a bottle. The program aired from 1965 through 1970. Both Eden and the character he portrayed, Major Anthony Nelson, played by Larry Hagman, had great chemistry together on film.

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