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Charm Norris

Australian-born Charm Norris is the newest member of her sisters’ family ‘YouTube channel, ‘The Norris Nuts.’ Thanks to her sisters’ appearances on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” Charm, at only a few months old, is already well-known. Before Charm was even born, her parents announced their pregnancy to their millions of YouTube subscribers. She has thus become a minor celebrity in some circles ever since she entered the world. None of her other sisters’ social media have mentioned her yet. Charm’s parents oversee both her personal and family accounts on the photo-sharing app. Some of Charm’s private images are displayed here.

From the moment Charm’s mother gave birth to her, she was a shining example of success. Her family, including her brothers and sisters, created a YouTube channel under the name “The Norris Nuts.” Millions of subscribers of the channel swarmed the comments section of a video announcing Charm’s mother’s pregnancy with her. After the delivery video, her mother’s pregnancy video and the video of her naming ceremony played. During her first year on the channel, the word “charm” appeared in multiple videos.

After Charm was born, she began making appearances on the vlogs, much to the joy of her viewers. Her parents made an Instagram account for her, and in less than two weeks, it had 70,000 followers. Charm’s Instagram feed reveals glimpses into her personal life, including some intimate images. More than 179 thousand people follow Charm on Instagram right now.

It’s not just on Instagram that Charm’s family is a hit with fans. The Norris sisters’ TikTok videos have accumulated millions of views and tens of thousands of followers in a short period of time. It’s hardly impossible that we’ll see Charm’s debut on the service sometime soon. A daughter, Charm Norris, was born to professional swimmer Justin Norris and former junior swimming champion Brooke Norris on December 8, 2019, in Newcastle, Australia.

She is only the third woman in history and the first Australian woman to land a 540 on a halfpipe. She entered the Sydney Pro as a wild card in the “World Surf League,” and she ended up placing second. Aside from her parents, Charm has two elder brothers, Biggy and Disco, and two younger sisters, Sockie and Naz. Sockie enjoys a number of different sports, but his two favorites are surfing and skating.

People often wonder where Charm Norris is from, what race she is, and where her family is from.  Updates will be made to reflect Charm Norris’s current political and religious leanings in this article.

Australian YouTuber and social media star Charm Norris is a rising star in her 20s. On the 9th of December, 2021, she will turn three years old. Charm Norris is one of the most attractive and popular people on social media, and her lovely looks are enough to win over even the most cynical of haters.

This piece is essential reading for any Charm Norris fan. We’ve dug deep into Charm Norris’s history to present you with an accurate account of her life and accomplishments. She is currently staying at her family’s Newcastle, Australia, residence.

Sabre (the eldest), Biggy (the second eldest), Sookie (the youngest), Naz (the eldest), and Disco round out the Norris clan (the youngest). Charm Norris is well-known on Instagram, where her postings often feature motivational musings and entertaining Reels.

Charm Norris wiki

She rose to fame on social media, especially Instagram, thanks to her striking photoshoots that often featured unique clothing and poses. As of February 2022, she has amassed over 380K followers on her Instagram account (@charmnorris). Additionally, the average number of likes each of her Instagram photos receives might vary from 50,000 to 100,000.

Charm Norris, a popular YouTuber, may have signed up for the platform on June 29, 2014, but her YouTube career didn’t officially kick off until she uploaded her first video on April 22, 2017. She has been regularly publishing YouTube vlogs for almost four years. Currently, she has over 6 million people who follow her on YouTube. We won’t go into detail about Charm Norris’s romantic life with her spouse because, like other celebrities, she probably prefers to keep that aspect of her life private.

We can’t provide you with any details about Charm Norris’s love life until we find out more about her. There will be updates to this post if and when new details emerge. She has a beautiful body and flawless skin because she follows her own health and fitness suggestions. Charm Norris is one of the most attractive and popular people on social media, and her lovely looks are enough to win over even the most cynical of haters.

She performs yoga and works out often to maintain her fitness level. You are aware, however, that a balanced diet is as crucial to physical fitness. The height of Charm Norris, which is often questioned by her fans and admirers, is revealed to be 2 feet and 2 inches.

Charm Norris and her dog, Isabela, weigh a total of 14 kg. If you’re curious about her salary or net worth, you’re not alone. Charm Norris is a popular YouTuber and social media star.

We were able to study their social media accounts and establish their net worth thanks to the internet, but the value of any private enterprises she has is not included in this computation.

Charm started making cameos on the vlogs after she was born, much to the delight of her fans. She has 70,000 people following the Instagram account her parents built for her in under two weeks. Images posted to Instagram by Charm provide fans an insight into her private life, including a few revealing shots. Charm currently has a fan base of over 179k on Instagram.

Let’s have a look at Charm Norris’s profile, which includes her contact, phone number, email, Autograph request address, and email Id, as well as mailing address, fan mail address, and residence number.

Charm Norris Fanmail Address :


If you are one of her many admirers and who want to write a letter to Charm Norris, we recommend that you utilize her fan mail address provided here. According to the AR, the fan mail address is Charm Norris, Newcastle, Australia.

The worth of an autograph is determined by a number of things, including desire, popularity, and what was autographed. What is the uniqueness of the signature? What is the status of the signature, how easily accessible it is, and how unusual is it? What network is it linked to? and much more.

The popularity of Charm’s loved ones extends beyond the social media platform Instagram. In a relatively short amount of time, the TikTok videos posted by the Norris sisters have amassed millions of views and tens of thousands of followers. It’s not out of the question that Charm will make its debut on the service shortly. Charm Norris was born on December 8, 2019, in Newcastle, Australia, to professional swimmer Justin Norris and former junior swimming champion Brooke Norris.

Australia’s first female halfpipe skater, she joins an elite group of only two other women in history to accomplish this feat. She was given a ‘wild card’ into the ‘World Surf League’s Sydney Pro and ended up in second place. Charm’s family consists of her parents, two older brothers named Biggy and Disco, and two younger sisters named Sookie and Naz. Although Sookie has a wide range of athletic interests, surfing and skating are his top picks.

It’s a common mystery where Charm Norris comes from, what color she is, and where her ancestors came from. Please, let’s have a look at this! Charm Norris’s ethnicity is not disclosed in any publicly available sources, including the Internet Movie Database or Wikipedia. It is planned to update this article to reflect Charm Norris’s current political and religious beliefs.

Charm Norris, a 20-year-old Australian YouTuber and social media celebrity is on the rise. In a few months, on December 9, 2021, she’ll turn three years old. The gorgeous looks of Charm Norris are enough to win over even the most jaded haters on social media, and she is one of the most attractive and popular people online.

Charm Norris picture

Any admirer of Charm Norris should read this. We researched Charm Norris extensively so that this biography would be as accurate as possible. The family home in Newcastle, Australia is where she is presently residing.

The Norris family consists of the patriarch, Sabre, and his or her four children, Biggy, Sookie, Naz, and Disco (the youngest). When it comes to social media, Charm Norris is a household name thanks to her popular Instagram account, where she shares inspirational quotes and hilarious Reels.

She became well-known on Instagram because her images there were so striking, with her wearing unusual outfits and striking poses. Her Instagram account (@charmnorris) has over 380K followers as of February 2022. And her Instagram pictures can get anywhere from fifty thousand to a hundred thousand likes on average.

Popular YouTuber Charm Norris may have signed up on June 29, 2014, but she didn’t actually start uploading videos until April 22, 2017. For almost four years, she’s been uploading vlogs to YouTube on a consistent basis. At the moment, she has over 6 million subscribers on YouTube. Like many other famous people, Charm Norris presumably doesn’t want the public to know the intimate details of her marriage, so we won’t either.

Charm Norris Phone number and Contact Details:

Due to her vast following, it is impossible to directly contact her. Her phone number is (310) 550-4000. We may also offer her office fax number (310) 550-4100.

Please note that we do not have her personal phone number. You may contact her via her assistant.

Charm Norris Official Website and Email Id:

Charm Norris’s official website and email address are shown below.
Please go to Charm Norris‘s email address and official website for the most up-to-date information available.
Charm Norris’s official website is
We are unable to contact her since we do not have her email address.

Charm Norris imageCharm Norris Social Media Accounts

If you want to follow her on social media sites, you must first verify the provided social media networking information, which includes Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. All of these are official accounts, as shown by the blue tick. Furthermore, she has a YouTube channel, however, this is not a confirmed account.

Instagram Handle
Facebook Handle
Youtube Channel
TikTok Id Not Available

Charm Norris wiki

Some Important Facts About Charm Norris:

  1. She was born on  9, 2019.
  2. Her age is 2 years old.
  3. Her birth sign is Sagittarius.

Because we don’t know enough about Charm Norris at the moment, we can’t tell you anything about her romantic history. If any additional information becomes available, it will be included in a subsequent update to this post. She takes her own advice when it comes to diet and exercise, and the results are evident in her toned figure and clear complexion. The gorgeous looks of Charm Norris are enough to win over even the most jaded haters on social media, and she is one of the most attractive and popular people online.

She regularly does yoga and works out to stay in shape. While exercise is important, you know that a healthy diet is just as important for your health and fitness. Fans and observers of Charm Norris were surprised to learn that she is only 2 feet, 2 inches tall.

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