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Kevin Michael Costner is an American actor, director, and musician who is best known for his depiction of tough characters with deep emotions in films such as The Rock and The Rolling Stones. Born to middle-class parents, he went to a number of different schools to finish his education, although he never showed much interest in academics in general. He became increasingly interested in athletics and creative hobbies, such as piano playing and poetry writing, as he grew older. In spite of his desire to pursue an acting career after graduating from California State University, Fullerton’s business department, Kevin Costner chose a marketing position after graduation. When Costner happened to run into actor Richard Burton by chance, Burton urged him to pursue acting more seriously. Costner immediately began taking acting courses and working several jobs to support his growing family. After starring in cameos and tiny parts in many of his early films, he was cast in the 1987 picture The Untouchables, which proved to be a watershed moment in his professional life. Several breakout performances in films such as No Way Out, Bull Durham and Field of Dreams followed, all of which cemented his reputation as a leading man in the entertainment industry. With his epic Western battle picture Dances with Wolves, he established himself as an excellent filmmaker and producer. The film was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Picture and garnered him an Academy Award for Best Director.

Nonetheless, when he met actor Richard Burton on a trip from Mexico, his perspective was transformed, and he was persuaded to pursue a career in acting by the actor himself. As a result, Kevin relocated to Los Angeles in order to pursue greater opportunities. At first, Kevin was only offered minor parts until landing a larger role in “Stacy’s Knights” (1983). His hopes were raised when Lawrence Kasdan cast him in “The Big Chill” (1983), among high-profile actors such as Tom Berenger, Glen Close, Jeff Goldblum, and William Hurt, but they were dashed when Kasdan made the decision to cut his sequence from the film on the spur of the moment. Fortunately, the director eventually offered him a second chance to appear in his next picture, “Silverado,” which turned out very well and, as a consequence, catapulted his name to the public’s attention.

Kevin’s rising star undoubtedly helped him obtain access to more favourable film parts, as seen by his appearances in films like as “The Untouchables” (1987), “No Way Out” (1987), “Bull Durham” (1988), and “Field of Dreams” (1989), all of which were big successes at the box office. His popularity on the screen had already grown to the point that he decided to try his hand at film directing and producing, as well as appearing in “Dances with Wolves” (1990), a book written by his friend, Michael Blake, which was based on his own experience as an actor. His expectations were exceeded when the film earned more than 424 million U.S. dollars worldwide and gained widespread critical and public praise, propelling him to the top of the box office rankings for the first time in his career.

Achieving success with “Dances with Wolves” increased in the two years after its release, as he was lavishly honoured with an impressive array of awards, including seven Academy Awards, which included the titles of Best Director and Best Picture in 1991, much to his joy. Kevin’s next two ventures, “Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves” (1991) and “The Bodyguard” (1992), further cemented his place in Hollywood as a recognised actor and producer, respectively, when both films grossed more than $120 million in the United States. He boldly invested over 175 million U.S. dollars to film the science-fiction epic “Waterworld” (1995), intending to replicate his success with “Dances with Wolves.” However, the outcome was disappointingly different from what he had hoped.

“Waterworld” only managed to generate a profit of around $89 million, which was much lower than the previous year’s performance. As a result, it was widely seen as a severe letdown at the box office. The film “Tin Cup,” which earned Kevin a nomination at the 1997 Golden Globe Awards, marked the beginning of the end of a bleak era for him that lasted from 1997 to 2002, during which most of his films failed to get a satisfactory response, either critically or financially. His films include “The Postman” (1997), “For Love of the Game” (1999), “3000 Miles to Graceland” (2001), and “Dragonfly” (2002), the latter of which cost him around 60 million U.S. dollars in the process of filming the filming.

As part of his efforts to restore some lustre to his fading career, Kevin invested his time, energy, and talents into the production of another western film, “Open Range” (2003), which had a minor hit when it opened in cinemas throughout the country in 2003. In addition to his upcoming appearances in “The Upside of Anger” (2005), “Rumor Has It” (2005), “The Tortilla Curtain” (2006), and “The Guardian” (2006), he has done much in his career over the last two decades by keeping a steady stream of work. In terms of his personal life, Kevin first married Cindy Silva, his college sweetheart, in 1978, and they subsequently welcomed their three children, Annie in 1985, Lily in 1987, and Joe in 1988, into the world with joy. Following the dissolution of his marriage in 1994, he was observed seeing Bridget Rooney, with whom he had a son called Liam by 1996. However, he ultimately found love with Christine Baumgartner, with whom he tied the wedding on September 25, 2004. Their first child together, a son called Cayden Wyatt Costner, was born on May 6, 2007, and they have two more children together.

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Kevin Costner Fanmail Address :

Kevin Costner & Modern West
274 Redwood Shores Parkway
Redwood City, CA 94065

If you are one of his many admirers and who want to write a letter to Kevin Costner, we recommend that you utilize his fan mail address provided here. According to the AR, the fan mail address is Kevin Costner Kevin Costner & Modern West, 274 Redwood Shores Parkway, #543, Redwood City, CA 94065, USA

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Because of the aggregate box office success of previous films, Costner was able to make his feature film directorial debut with this picture. Dances With Wolves, a revisionist look at American Indian-white connections, was the first Western epic that Hollywood had seen in years. With a modest budget of 18 million dollars, he set out to the Black Hills of South Dakota to shoot it (1990). In addition to becoming one of the most successful films of the 1990s, the seemingly doomed production also won a spate of Academy Awards, including Best Picture and Best Director (beating Martin Scorsese’s Goodfellas in the process).

Costner’s good fortune followed with the 1991 costume epic Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, which was also a financial success, albeit it severely ruined Costner’s longstanding relationship with the film’s director, Kevin Reynolds, who was also a financial success. The next year, Costner scored another box-office triumph — as well as critical acclaim — with Oliver Stone’s JFK. The next year’s The Bodyguard, a picture in which Costner co-starred with Whitney Houston, performed so spectacularly at the box office that it looked as if the actor could do no wrong. However, his following picture, A Perfect World (1993), directed by Clint Eastwood and starring Costner in an anti-type role as a half-psycho, half-benevolent prison escapee, was a critical and commercial failure, despite the actor’s critical and commercial success at the time. Following Perfect World, bad luck struck again in the shape of another cast-against-type disaster, the 1994 Western Wyatt Earp, which demonstrated that Lawrence Kasdan could have bad days as well as good.

To add insult to injury, Costner’s 1995 epic sci-fi adventure Waterworld received a tremendous amount of negative publicity prior to its release as a result of its ballooning budget and bloated schedule; ultimately, the film’s respectable box office haul did not come close to covering its enormous production costs. After a disappointing performance in the romantic comedy Tin Cup, Costner was able to salvage some of his reputation the following year. The film was highly appreciated by both reviewers and the general audience. He made the mistake of following up this triumph with another large-scaled directorial endeavour, an epic film adaptation of author David Brin’s novel The Postman. This was a mistake. It was released in 1997 and starred Costner as a Shakespeare-quoting vagabond in a post-nuclear holocaust America who is credited as having messianic traits due to his attempts to bring the nation back together. The Postman, like Waterworld, suffered a scathing critical reception and performed badly with crowds. His reputation, which had reached an all-time low by this point, was revived with the 1998 romantic drama Message in a Bottle, and later that year, with Sam Raimi’s baseball drama For Love of the Game, he returned to the genre that had embraced him the most. Thirteen Days (2000), a thoughtful reflection on the Cuban missile crisis, was a moderate success at the box office. However, Costner’s next role, as a member of a group of Elvis impersonating casino bandits in 3000 Miles to Graceland, was met with harsh criticism, resulting in the film’s early demise at the box office. In spite of the fact that Costner’s next film was a more romantic supernatural drama about a lost love, Dragonfly (2002, starring Costner) was derided by many as a cheap imitation of The Sixth Sense and met an almost similarly premature end.

Costner had a better year in 2003, and he returned to directing with Open Range, a Western in which he co-starred with the legendary Robert Duvall. While it wasn’t as successful as Dances With Wolves in terms of mainstream popularity, it received far more positive reviews than either The Postman or Waterworld, which were both critically acclaimed. Costner co-starred with Joan Allen in the drama The Upside of Anger, directed by Mike Binder, which was released in 2004. On the big screen, Allen played a lady who was suddenly unmarried and from an upper-middle-class family who unexpectedly fell in love with the alcoholic ex-baseball player who lived next door (Costner). Even though they were split on the film as a whole, reviewers were unequivocal in their admiration for Costner and Allen’s leading performances.

After working with Fugitive director Andrew Davis on the moderately successful 2006 Coast Guard thriller The Guardian, which also featured Ashton Kutcher and Hollywood newcomer Melissa Sagemiller, Costner teamed up with Fugitive director Andrew Davis again for the thoroughly dispiriting (and critically dubbed) quasi-sequel to The Graduate, Rumor Has It…With one of his first psychological thrillers, Mr. Brooks, directed by Bruce A. Evans in 2007, Costner took on a new challenge and changed the pace of his career once again. Costner, who played a crazy criminal who is prodded into grotesque crimes by his murderous alter ego (William Hurt), remained relatively undamaged by the film’s critical and box-office disappointments. After a successful run in the comedy Swing Vote, he returned to the big screen the following year, portraying a small-town slacker whose solitary vote is about to decide the fate of a presidential election in the film Swing Vote. Despite the fact that Costner’s normal everyman charm dominated the film, he was soon back to his more melancholy side, appearing in the recession-era thriller The Company Men in 2010, opposite Chris Cooper and Tommy Lee Jones, among others.

As the decade progressed, Costner’s name began to surface more often in connection with the Quentin Tarantino picture Django Unchained prior to shooting, however schedule issues prevented the actor from taking part in the production. Instead, he went up to star in the current Superman remake, Man of Steel, in which he would portray Clark Kent’s adoptive father on Planet Earth. Kevin Costner is an American actor, producer, and director who has a net worth of $250 million.

Kevin Costner remembers his relationship with the late Whitney Houston with fondness, and ahead of Sunday’s Screen Actors Guild Awards, he spoke with PEOPLE about how he is working to keep her legacy alive in the world. He came by the PEOPLE and Entertainment Weekly Red Carpet to reminisce on his time on the 1992 film The Bodyguard, in which he co-starred with Whitney Houston, who passed away ten years ago this month. According to Costner, “When movies are performing at their very finest, they’re about moments and pictures that you’ll never ever forget.”

He went on to mention Houston’s number-one hit rendition of Dolly Parton’s “Ain’t No Sunshine.” “As for “I Will Always Love You,” the singer says, “I don’t believe we’ll ever forget when that little song came out, and she just exploded up like that.” She sang the first portion of it a cappella, and the world of music was never the same after that.” His comments were followed by the following: “We have a moment with her in that movie that we’ll never, ever forget, and I believe that when movies are operating at their finest, that’s what can happen.” His huge hit Paramount+ series Yellowstone was being promoted at the event, and the 67-year-old Hollywood veteran – who is well known for his great flicks Bull Durham (1988) and Dances With Wolves (1990) – was in attendance to show his support.

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Some Important Facts About Kevin Costner:

  1. He was born on 18 January 1955.
  2. His age is 67 years.
  3. His birth sign is Capricorn.

To commemorate the 150th anniversary of Yellowstone National Park, Fox Nation has reached an agreement with Academy Award-winning actor Kevin Costner for a limited-series called “Yellowstone: One-Fifty.” The four-part series, which will premiere in the fourth quarter of 2022, will be narrated and hosted by the “Yellowstone” actor. Episodes will be one hour long and will feature the national park’s century and a half of history, as well as the park’s animals.Fox Nation president Jason Klarman revealed on Tuesday that the series, which is produced by Kevin Costner’s Territory Films and Warm Spring Productions, would be added to the “better” and “exclusive” material accessible to members via the network’s subscription service.

According to a press release, “Yellowstone One-Fifty embodies the excellent creative material that we seek to give exclusively to our members.” “We are excited to be working on this project with a famous actor and director of Kevin Costner’s level,” said the production company.His efforts and award-winning performances in critically acclaimed films such as “Dances with Wolves,” “Field of Dreams,” and “JFK” have earned him widespread recognition. His performance in Paramount’s “Yellowstone” has garnered him a nomination for a Screen Actors Guild Award for Drama Series Ensemble. This is his first consecutive television engagement. An beachfront horse ranch in Carpinteria, California, near to the movie star’s home, has been listed for sale for $109 million. The property is being co-listed by Sean Matthews of Compass Real Estate and Eric Haskell of The Agency.

Rancho Carioso is a tranquil 4.2-acre estate that includes an oceanfront horse ranch with its own private beach, as well as a guest house. It also provides a source of pride in knowing that you live in the same neighbourhood as the famed actor. When production designer Ida Random was presented with the Lifetime Achievement Award at the 26th annual Art Directors Guild Awards in Los Angeles tonight, Kevin Costner, the star of Yellowstone and Academy Award-winning director, offered a moving homage to his longtime partner and friend. He also said that if it hadn’t been for her intervention, he would not have had the opportunity to pursue acting professionally.

From the stage of the Intercontinental Los Angeles Downtown, a visibly nervous Costner – who has worked with Random on several of his directorial projects, including The Postman – recounted the critical impact she had on him when he was an extra on the 1981 film Frances, on which Random served as art director – and how she influenced her career.

In a scene set in an alleyway outside a theatre where actress Frances Farmer (Jessica Lange), who had just finished appearing in the play Golden Boy, was exiting, Costner explained that he had been trying to break into Hollywood for six years. “Despite all my best efforts, I was just unable to get a SAG card,” Costner said.

His casting director Elisabeth Leustig, who would later go on to cast him in Dances with Wolves, picked him out among the extras. “I’m singled out among the extras by casting director Elisabeth Leustig, who would later go on to cast me in Dances with Wolves,” he added. “She escorted me up to Ida, who I couldn’t help but notice on the set, despite the fact that she had only been there for three days. If you know what I mean, she [Ida] was actually Annie Hall before there was an Annie Hall, to put it another way. She constantly appeared to be in close proximity to the camera, and she would go into the set as if no one was looking, pick up a book, and move it without anybody noticing. In fact, she would pick up whatever she could get her hands on – lamps, ashtrays, photos… “Anything that looked to be irritating her, she would just relocate it a few inches,” says the author.

As Costner described, “I awoke to find myself standing in front of her, and she’s staring at me, and it’s fair to say that I had gone from worrying she could be in trouble [for moving stuff] to now wondering whether I was in trouble.” In my opinion, she stared at me in a really genuine manner, and I’m not sure how else to explain it. Neither I nor her knew what I had done or what she was searching for… While I waited for her to speak, she couldn’t have understood how painfully eager I was to be recognised as an actress. In the end, she turned to Elizabeth and said: “This works.” It was one of those “Ida Random” moments that one has to experience in person to understand what I mean.” The fact that Costner matched Random’s visual vision for the scene earned him the opportunity to deliver a single line – “Goodnight, Frances” – “and it would shift the course of my career.”

“That’s what Ida does: she affects people’s lives,” he concluded. She makes things better, if only by a few centimetres… She’s the director’s closest friend and confidante, and she knows everything about him. In addition to guiding them through her flawless sets, she serves as their greatest supporter… It is true that you are a filmmaker in every meaning of the term, putting your own unique stamp on the films that you refer to as “your paintings.” Besides Barry Levinson (Rain Man, for which she was nominated for an Academy Award), Lawrence Kasdan (The Big Chill, Silverado, Wyatt Earp), James L. Brooks (Spanglish), Danny DeVito (Throw Mama From the Train, The War of the Roses), and Justin Lin (The Big Chill, Silverado, Wyatt Earp), Random has collaborated with a number of other notable filmmakers, including Lawrence (Fast & Furious).

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