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Romina Gafur is a social media star from the United States. She rose to prominence on the platform TikTok, where she became known as a certified user. Soon after she signed up for TikTok in the beginning of 2016, Romina began uploading videos in which she performed cover versions of famous songs as well as her own original compositions while playing the guitar and the keyboard. TikTok took note of them because they quickly became popular and were extensively shared across the app. This was sufficient for TikTok to take attention.

She was awarded the illustrious “crowned” title, which solidified her position as a celebrity, and she immediately started gathering more admirers as time passed. During the time that she was gaining a following on TikTok, Romina also launched a channel on YouTube under her own name. It wasn’t long before she began publishing vlogs and videos from her regular life in addition to most of her material, which was devoted to sharing hints and strategies for gaining popularity on TikTok.

Even though she is still relatively new to YouTube, she intends to publish vlogs regularly. Romina is also active on Instagram, in addition to TikTok and YouTube, and she has also amassed an excellent following on that platform. While she was still in school, Romina Gafur became a member of the TikTok community. She began by uploading lip-sync videos and other videos of her singing while playing the guitar or the piano. Later, she expanded her repertoire to include original performances. These videos immediately gained traction, and she received a lot of praise, notably for the quality of her singing and the skill with which she played the instruments.

Her stunning good looks and offbeat sense of humor helped her win over a large number of followers. In a short time, she was given the “muser,” which was once used to denote the account’s level of popularity. In her videos, she sang cover versions of several well-known songs, such as “Can’t Stop the Feeling,” “Play My Music,” and “Like I’m Gonna Lose You.” She is still active on TikTok and has more than 2.6 million fans, 3.2 thousand followers, and over 62 million loves.

She works with other TikTok superstars regularly, contributing to the continued growth of her fame. Additionally, Romina has a sizable following on YouTube. Even though she launched the channel bearing her name in May 2015, she didn’t start uploading videos until December 2017. Most of her early videos concentrated on her hints and suggestions, which ultimately contributed to her rise to fame on TikTok. These drew a large number of newcomers who were interested in gaining knowledge on how to navigate the more established world of TikTok. Over two million people have seen her debut video titled “How to Make No Hands Slo-Mo Musical.lys (Crowned Muser).”

She continued to make films on the same topic, and her subsequent videos, such as “FLOATING SCREEN TRANSITION ON MUSICAL.LY (Crowned Muser)” and “How to Make A Powder Transition on (Crowned Muser),” were just as successful. On the other hand, Romina became aware that she might utilize YouTube as an additional platform to bring attention to herself. Soon after, she began uploading vlogs centered on her personal life and other prevalent challenges that YouTubers from all over the globe were doing at the time.

She started by uploading videos such as “HUGE SPRING HAUL 2018 (Forever 21, American Eagle, Hollister, etc.)” and “10 CUTE & EASY SUMMER HAIRSTYLES 2018” before she started participating in challenges and giving her opinions on current events. One hundred forty-five thousand people subscribed to Romina’s channel, and her videos have been seen more than 7 million times. Gafur is also a well-known figure on Instagram and has achieved success on TikTok and YouTube.

Fans from TikTok are highly interested in her likes and dislikes, and they often connect with her via the comments area of her images, even if most of her photographs are focused on her personal life. She now has more than 85,000 people following her. On BrandTrend, Romina sells her own line of merchandise, including T-shirts, sweatshirts, phone cases, shoes, beanies, and backpacks. This is another way for her to interact with the people who support her and her music.

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Romin Gafur02 Fanmail Address :

Romin Gafur,
Denver, Colorado

If you are one of her many admirers and who want to write a letter to Romin Gafur02, we recommend that you utilize her fan mail address provided here. According to the AR, the fan mail address is Romin Gafur02 ICM Partners 10250 Constellation Blvd. 9th Floor Los Angeles, CA 90067-6209 United States.

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Gafur Muratov and Firuza Malik welcomed their daughter Romina Gafur into the world on September 2, 1999, in Denver, Colorado. Additionally, she is very close with her elder brother Suhrob Gafur, also one of her siblings. Before moving back to the United States, the family spent some time residing in Dushanbe, located in Tajikistan. Romina enjoys playing the guitar and the piano in her leisure time when she has the opportunity. She has also performed at the Denver School of the Arts in conjunction with the orchestra. In addition to that, she is an avid traveler and enthusiast of extreme activities. She has not disclosed any information about the people she is dating, even though she is now a high school student.

TikToker and social media celebrity Romina Gafur is from the United States of America. Romina Gafur’s wealth is estimated to be $2 million by 2022. She became well-known when she began posting how-to videos and culinary demonstrations on a TikTok channel called rominagafur. On TikTok, she has almost 20 million followers that she has collected. She graduated from high school in her hometown in the United States, where she had her early education. After that, she enrolled at a university close to her home in the United States, where she earned her degree.

Gafur Muratov and Firuza Malik are Romina Gafur’s parents. Romina’s middle name is Gafur. Gafur Muratov is the name of her businessman father, and his occupation is an entrepreneur. A pianist by trade, Firuza Malik is the name of the woman who gave birth to her daughter. She is the only child of her parents, and her brother, the eldest, goes by the name Suhrob Gafur. Romina Gafur is a stunning actress, and the public’s attention is drawn to her because of the elegance with which she carries herself. Romina Gafur has a height of roughly 5 feet and 4 inches and weighs approximately 51 kg.

Romina Gafur has a trim figure and can keep herself in good shape by following a nutritious diet and engaging in frequent exercise. Her body is 32 inches across, 23 inches tall, and 32 inches wide. Romina Gafur has gorgeous brown eyes and light brown hair of a more golden brown tint. Romina Gafur is a well-known character on social media who hails from the United States. Her fame began when she became a certified muser on the video-sharing application TikTok.

Romina started uploading videos to TikTok at the beginning of 2016, including her singing along to famous songs and her original compositions, performed with a guitar and a keyboard as accompaniment. These quickly became popular and were extensively shared across the app, which is what brought TikTok’s attention to the presence of the content in question.

After attaining the well-known “crowned” status, which cemented her reputation, she gained more admirers as time passed. This helped her rise to the forefront of her field. Romina decided to establish her own YouTube channel when she was in the middle of achieving popularity on TikTok. Initially, the purpose of her videos was to provide instruction on how to become well-known on TikTok, but she soon began documenting her day-to-day activities in the form of vlogs and short films.

She may be new to YouTube, but she intends to maintain a consistent posting schedule for her vlogs. Gafur has a YouTube channel that now has more than 3 million views. More than a thousand of her videos have been uploaded to YouTube; together, these films have been seen more than five billion times. In addition to her channels on TikTok and YouTube, Romina is also active on the photo-sharing platform Instagram, where she has amassed a sizeable following.

It wasn’t long before she was given the “muser,” an old name that reflected the account’s popularity and was quickly bestowed upon her. She performed cover versions of a variety of well-known songs in her music videos, some of which include “Can’t Stop the Feeling,” “Play My Music,” and “Like I’m Gonna Lose You,” amongst others. According to her profile, she maintains a high activity level on the platform TikTok, where she now has more than 2.6 million fans and 3.2 thousand followers, in addition to more than 62 million loves.

Her fame has increased substantially over the last few years, thanks mainly to her many collaborations with other TikTok celebrities. Additionally, Romina has a sizable following on the website that hosts user-uploaded videos known as YouTube. Even though she established her channel on YouTube in May 2015, she did not start uploading videos until December 2017. Most of her early videos were dedicated to discussing the strategies and concepts she had found effective in establishing a following on TikTok.

These events attracted a significant number of new users interested in gaining knowledge about navigating the current world of TikTok. Since it was first published in 2015, her introductory clip is titled ‘How to Make No Hands Slo-Mo Musical’ and has had more than 2 million views. Using the same idea as her earlier videos, she made two more that were just as popular. These were titled “FLOATING SCREEN TRANSITION ON MUSICAL.LY (crowned muser)” and “How to Make A Powder Transition on,” respectively.

On the other side, Romina realized that she might further her profession by using YouTube to become more well-known to a broader audience. She did not waste any time and started uploading vlogs that were not only about her personal life but also about other prevalent challenges that YouTubers from around the globe were taking part in.

Romin Gafur02 Phone number and Contact Details:

Due to her vast following, it is impossible to directly contact her. Her phone number is (310) 550-4000. We may also offer her office fax number (310) 550-4100.

Please note that we do not have her personal phone number. You may contact her via her assistant.

Romin Gafur02 Official Website and Email Id:

Romin Gafur02’s official website and email address are shown below.
Please go to Romin Gafur02‘s email address and official website for the most up-to-date information available.
Romin Gafur02’s official website is
We are unable to contact her since we do not have her email address.

Romin Gafur02 Social Media Accounts

If you want to follow her on social media sites, you must first verify the provided social media networking information, which includes Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. All of these are official accounts, as shown by the blue tick. Furthermore, she has a YouTube channel, however, this is not a confirmed account.

Instagram Handle
Facebook Handle
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Some Important Facts About Romin Gafur02:

  1. She was born on 2 September 1999.
  2. Her age is 23.
  3. Her birth sign is Virgo.

Her first movie had titles like “HUGE SPRING HAUL 2018 (Forever 21, American Eagle, Hollister, and other brands).” and “10 CUTE & EASY SUMMER HAIRSTYLES 2018” before attempting new tasks or responding to current events through social media. The total number of people who have seen Romina’s videos on YouTube exceeds 7 million, and she presently has 145,000 followers.

Gafur has become well-known not just on TikTok and YouTube but also on Instagram, another platform on which he has achieved this success. Fans of her TikTok channel who are deeply interested in what she loves and dislikes usually communicate with her via the comments section of her photographs, mostly centered on her personal life. She uses these comments to respond to their questions and feedback. Currently, she has a following on Twitter that exceeds 85,000 people.

Romina has also established her line of products on BrandTrend. The collection includes T-shirts, sweatshirts, phone cases, shoes, beanies, and backpacks. The group’s goal is to create a stronger connection between Romina and those who adore her. Since 2016, Romina Gafur has been working in the field of social media professionally. Despite this, she started taking piano lessons when she was only six years old, where her fascination with the entertainment world began. She had a performance in front of an orchestra at the Denver School of the Arts.

She has a lot of followers on TikTok. In 2018, she amassed one million followers on the TikTok platform. Gafur uses her TikTok account to share videos of herself lip-syncing, dancing, and cooking. She began uploading videos of herself dancing and lip-syncing on the platform known as After that, she uploaded a comprehensive explanation about it to her channel on YouTube. In May 2015, Gafur became a member of YouTube. Her first upload is a step-by-step guide for using’s hands-free slow-motion video editing feature. She makes films on various subjects for her channel on YouTube, ranging from music to fashion to cuisine to cooking. In July 2020, she made her debut as a streamer on Twitch.

In addition to that, she enjoys listening to the music of Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift. Dubai and London are Gafur’s two favorite cities to visit when he travels. Her preferred athletic activities are basketball and football. The color red is Gafur’s most favored hue. In an amusement park, Gafur enjoys riding the roller coaster most of all the rides. Sushi and shrimp salad are two of her favorite foods. Chocolate cake is Gafur’s go-to choice when it comes to dessert.

The Pink Drink from Starbucks is Gafur’s go-to beverage of choice. She applies concealer, foundation, and eyeliner to complete her school makeup look. This TikTok celebrity gets up much earlier than the rest of us. Gafur looks forward to his daily coffee with great enthusiasm every day. Her hair tie is the most critical component of her outfit. The girl often posts videos of Gafur going about the city, and some of his favorites include Times Square, Central Park, and Lincoln Center. Gafur enjoys exploring the city on foot. In 2018, Gafur took a trip to Tajikistan with her family. On Halloween 2020, she portrayed a sinister angel with her costume.

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