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Mutahar Anas, better known by his online moniker SomeOrdinaryGamers or S.O.G., was born on May 1, 1994, in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, under the zodiac sign of Taurus. He has been an avid gamer since he was a little boy. He is a social media phenomenon, gamer, streamer, and YouTube star at the age of 27. He is best known for posting commentary, gaming, and technology videos on his channel, which has amassed over 2.6 million subscribers, and his videos have been viewed more than 560 million times. He is of Indian and Canadian descent.

As of the middle of the year 2021, it is estimated that Mutahar Anas has a net worth of close to one million dollars. This wealth has been acquired primarily through his Internet-based career, which includes sponsored posts, stream subscriptions, donations, and collaborations with other well-known social media personalities and gamers.

It is unknown whether he has siblings or not; all that is known about them is that they originated in Lucknow, which is located in the state of Uttar Pradesh in India, and that his father is a physician. He was born in Canada and is of Asian ancestry, although he has Canadian citizenship. After finishing his secondary schooling, Mutahar enrolled at Humber College in Toronto. In 2015, he graduated from Humber College with a Broadcast Television/Videography (BRTV) diploma in Cinematography and Film/Video Production.

He is completely proficient in both English and Hindi. Mutahar Anas saw an opportunity to capitalize on the growing popularity of video games and streaming services by developing material that is relevant to video games. He did this by creating a series of videos. Therefore, he opened his official YouTube channel in March 2012 under the moniker “SomeOrdinaryGamers,” and he immediately began recording gameplay commentary videos of the popular video game “The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time” and uploaded them on his channel. His debut video is a let’s play named “Let’s Play The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Episode 1 – Kokiri Village (Part 1)”.


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If you are one of his many admirers and who want to write a letter to SomeOrdinaryGamers, we recommend that you utilize his fan mail address provided here. According to the AR, the fan mail address is SomeOrdinaryGamers, Toronto, Canada

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After that, he began to play other video games, such as “Need for Speed World,” “System Shock,” and “Minecraft,” and to produce a variety of segments, such as “Haunted Gaming,” “Cancelled Gaming,” and “SOG-Files.” The number of people who followed him on social media increased with each new video that he uploaded; at the end of the year, he had over 40,000 subscribers, which inspired him to keep going with his channel.

Mutahar Anas continued to produce videos about video games; nevertheless, he ultimately made the decision to broaden the scope of his work and began publishing videos concerning technology. After conceiving the notion of producing video series, he went on to develop Virus Investigation and Deep Web Browsing, both of which went on to achieve widespread acclaim and success.

In addition to that, Mutahar began to bring attention to the negative activities that were taking on on various social media platforms and even founded the podcast SomeOrdinaryPodcast. To mention just a few, some of his most popular videos on YouTube are “WTF IS THIS VIDEO!?! – Deep Web Exploration 11,” “A GRUESOME VIDEO! – Deep Web Browsing 95,” and “There Is A TikTok Cat Killer Right Now.

In addition to his work on YouTube, Mutahar Anas began broadcasting on Twitch in late 2013, using the handle “SomeOrdinaryGamers” for his account and beginning his broadcasts under that moniker. Twitch is currently the most popular live streaming platform for video gamers in the world.

In addition to this, Mutahar Anas is active across a variety of other social media channels, through which he promotes the films he creates and the projects he works on. He has his own official Twitter account with the handle “@OrdinaryGamers,” which has a following of more than 440,000 users, and he also maintains his own Facebook page, which has a following of more than 17,000 individuals.

In the month of November 2019, Mutahar Anas published a video in which he brought attention to another YouTube personality named Dan Sullivan who was accused of abusing his dog.In 2020, JayStation uploaded two videos to YouTube with the titles “My Girlfriend Alexia Died… *Rest in Paradise*” and “SAYING GOODBYE TO MY GIRLFRIEND ALEXIA (REST IN PARADISE),” in which he claimed that his girlfriend was killed in a car accident by a drunk driver. The videos were titled “My Girlfriend Alexia Died… *Rest in Paradise*” and ”

Mutahar Anas published the information on his Twitter account after he had checked with police departments and confirmed that there were no reports related to Alexa’s death. He accused JayStation of faking her death in order to gain more subscribers. This was done after he had confirmed that there were no reports related to Alexa’s death.

After receiving support from a significant number of other YouTubers, JayStation was eventually detained. In April of the same year, Mutahar published a video in which he discussed how the anti-cheat engine used by Valorant could provide a significant privacy danger to users. In the video, Mutahar said that the privacy risk could be severe. It quickly spread around the internet and was covered by media outlets all over the world.

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SomeOrdinaryGamers Phone number and Contact Details:

Due to his vast following, it is impossible to directly contact him. His phone number is Not Available. We may also offer his office fax number Not Available.

Please note that we do not have his personal phone number. You may contact him via his assistant.

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SomeOrdinaryGamers’s official website and email address are shown below.
Please go to SomeOrdinaryGamers‘s email address and official website for the most up-to-date information available.
SomeOrdinaryGamers‘s official website is Not Available.
We are unable to contact him since we do not have his email address.

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Some Important Facts About SomeOrdinaryGamers:

  1. He was born on 1 May 1994.
  2. His age is 28 Years Old.
  3. His birth sign is Taurus.

Mutahar Anas is a short man with dark brown eyes and hair of the same color. His height is 6 feet and 2 inches (1.88 meters), and his weight is approximately 134 pounds (67 kilograms). His vital statistics are 42, 32, and 38. The size of his shoes is 10. (US). Mutahar Anas has a reputation for keeping his personal life well out of the view of the general public.

He has never disclosed any details about his romantic relationships, and he has never been seen with any one woman. It is generally accepted that he does not currently have a partner, and it is assumed that he continues to call Toronto home as his primary domicile. Mutahar has frequent episodes of sleep paralysis that only affect him (RISP). In addition to that, he has been identified as having obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD).

On August 19, the news surfaced that Andrew Tate, a controversial former kickboxer who has now become an influential figure, had been banned from both Facebook and Instagram. Tate’s parent business, Meta, announced that it has terminated the organization’s access to its platforms because Tate “violated its prohibitions against harmful organizations and persons.”

When it was announced that Tate would no longer be able to exert any influence on his 4.7 million Instagram followers, a substantial number of users across a variety of social media sites expressed their relief. Tate has been at the center of a number of issues, including accusations that his ideas are “misogynistic” and that he has a history of abusing women.

Another content producer who voiced their displeasure with the decision to ban Andrew Tate is Mutahar, who uploads videos to YouTube and is better known by his channel name, SomeOrdinaryGamer. He said that banning Andrew Tate was a foolish decision. Ideas ought to be contested, and in the event that he propagates false information, it ought to be refuted in the public arena.

The discussion around blood and gore in video games has been going on for as long as there have been games. Games like Grand Theft Auto and Resident Evil are known for pushing the boundaries of what is considered appropriate in this medium. In recent years, discussions regarding this topic have died down, and game developers have, for the most part, been able to pack video games with narratives and gameplay that are geared toward adult audiences, as long as the age rating is appropriate.

After it emerged that Sony had a problem with some of the content featured in LKA’s game, the upcoming first-person horror title Matha is Dead will be launched on PlayStation 4 and 5 in a modified state. This decision was made in response to the situation. The changes that Sony requested to be made to the PlayStation versions of Martha is Dead have been implemented, according to a statement released by the game’s publisher, Wired Productions.

They mentioned that “certain parts would no longer be playable,” which leads one to believe that particular game mechanics or sections of gameplay will be restricted on these platforms. The revelation has generated a significant amount of discussion in the gaming world, with many individuals questioning Sony’s choice to request that LKA make changes to their game before the game can be published on the PlayStation Store.

SomeOrdinaryGamers, a YouTube channel, provided a response to the statement on Twitter by criticizing the firm and pointing out that this is one of the reasons why video games do not receive the same praise as movies. After working on Martha is Dead for four years, Wired Productions and LKA are understandably frustrated that they had to cut content from the show. When it launches digitally on February 24, 2022, all parties will be keeping their fingers crossed that the news won’t have an impact on how well the game is received or how many copies are sold.

In either case, the discussion concerning the prevalence of violent content in video games has been rekindled as a direct result of this article. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that this won’t become a common practice where some platforms require game developers to modify their version of a game in order to be sold on their online or physical storefronts. Red Dead Redemption 2,” which came out in 2018, was praised for its breathtaking aesthetics, compelling narrative, and immersive open-world gameplay.

Rockstar Games, following the same pattern as in “Grand Theft Auto 5,” included an online option in which lobbies of players could build their own characters and plop them into the setting of the Old West. This game mode was planned to function similarly to “GTA Online,” providing players of “Red Dead” with an immersive sandbox experience that would see frequent updates and community activities. In principle, this game mode was supposed to function similarly to “GTA Online.”

Fans of “Grand Theft Auto Online” and “Red Dead Online” have unintentionally been drawn into something of an ongoing conflict due to the fact that the critically acclaimed western hasn’t received nearly as many big updates in the years since its release. The “Blood Money” upgrade for “Red Dead Online” was made available to players back in July 2021. This update was notable for the addition of a few new tasks as well as a new form of in-game cash.

The upgrade, however, was met with lackluster praise, and Zack Zwiezen of Kotaku described it as “not wholly new.” However, ever since the “Blood Money” update, “Red Dead Online” has not been given any significant new content upgrades. Because of this, many gamers are under the impression that Rockstar Games has discontinued support for the game in favor of focusing their efforts on the more lucrative GTA Online.

Many influential members of the gaming community, such as Mutahar Anas, better known as SomeOrdinaryGamers on YouTube, have brought attention to the game’s lack of recent updates. After watching a video that went into great depth on how “Red Dead Online” was suffering from a lack of material, Anas took to Twitter in an attempt to persuade Rockstar to add more content to the game using the hashtag “#SaveRedDeadOnline.” A significant amount of traction has been gained on that social media site by using the hashtag in only a few short days.

In case you were unaware, players of Metal Gear Solid 5 have been working toward the completion of a specific mission for years now: the pursuit of total nuclear disarmament. This is not something that can be accomplished by just one player working alone; rather, in order to access a secret cutscene (which was datamined a few years ago), all of the nukes on the game’s online servers must be destroyed at the same time. This is an accomplishment that appears to be impossible to accomplish. After all this time, it appears as though it was never even remotely possible from the very beginning.

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