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The fact that Brooke Ashley Hall is married to prominent boxer and social media sensation Marco Hall contributed to an increase in her fame. Over one million people are subscribed to their family’s YouTube channel, which was launched on July 10, 2014. In addition to the videos seen on this channel, which include pranks, challenges, and vlogs, Brooke Ashley Hall maintains a second channel on YouTube under the name Brooke Hall, on which she shares tips and tutorials pertaining to the application of cosmetics.

More than 75,000 people are currently subscribed to the channel. Additionally, she is well-known on Instagram, where she has amassed more than 660 thousand followers. The moment we began dating,” the two people claim, “we knew we wanted to share a social media profession.” The two people met each other by coincidence at a stoplight in their little town of Warren, Ohio, in the state of Ohio. They both had sons from prior relationships, and both Brooke Ashley and Marco were already established in demanding occupations at the time they met. Brooke Ashley worked as an evening nurse, while Marco was a professional boxer.

The reality of millennial relationships, parenthood, and the newly formed household that BrookeAshley and Marco have self-described as “imperfectly blended” was something that the couple wanted to document through the use of social media. They were aware that the process of bringing their families together could be challenging at times.

The Beverly Halls made their first appearance on YouTube in November of 2019, and from the very beginning, Brooke Ashley, Marco, and their two sons, Mar’Cannon and Braylon, concentrated their efforts on creating content that was geared toward the entire family, such as pranks, morning and evening routines, and day-in-the-life vlogs. The long-form videos uploaded by the family attracted a modest audience of approximately 100,000 subscribers and generated between 20,000 and 50,000 views per month.

This is certainly not a negligible following, but it was not enough traffic for them to pursue content creation as a full-time occupation. The filming took place during BrookeAshley’s breaks and in the downtime that existed between Marco’s practices and matches. Then, at the beginning of the year 2020, lockdowns occurred, and the Halls discovered that they had a great deal of time on their hands.

They quickly expanded their creative efforts to TikTok, and although the content they produced for that platform was very similar to the content they produced for YouTube, it was condensed and quick-hitting. For example, what would have been a 15-minute vlog on YouTube was turned into a 15-second video on TikTok, which cut down on production time. In addition, the level of audience participation on TikTok was determined to be thousands of times higher than that of YouTube.

To this day, the three accounts that they have–one for the family (with 23.7 thousand followers), plus one each for BrookeAshley (6.3 million) and Marco (5.5 million)–have jointly garnered more than 11 million followers, and they bring in a total of 200 million views per month. The Halls had not, however, given up on their YouTube channel. They, along with several of our other Creators on the Rise features, found the platform’s TikTok competitor, Shorts, to be intriguing, and they started publishing clips there in February 2021.

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The Beverly Halls Fanmail Address :

The Beverly Halls,
Montego Bay,

If you are one of Their many admirers and who want to write a letter to The Beverly Halls, we recommend that you utilize Their fan mail address provided here. According to the AR, the fan mail address is The Beverly Halls, Montego Bay, Jamaica

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Within a week, they had amassed tens of millions of views on videos such as “Scaring my wife in the bathroom” (with 69 million), “Chicken Dance prank” (with 31 million), “Dropping the baby in front of my wife” (with 26 million), “Trapping my husband in a garbage bag” (with 21 million), and “My husband’s morning routine” (with 21 million) (13 million).

Since then, the Halls have uploaded hundreds of short videos to their YouTube channel over the course of the past four months. As a result, their channel has received an increase in views from 630,000 in January to 1.6 million in February, 158 million in March, 216 million in April, and 389 million in May. The number of people who are subscribed to their service has increased from 150,000 to more than 1.1 million.

All of this involvement has helped them design their first merch line, which will be released this summer, and jump-started BrookeAshley’s musical dreams (her first tune, which will also premiere this summer and is about the Halls’ channel reaching one million subscribers). The pair has high expectations that it would eventually lead to endorsement opportunities for Marco, as well as celebrity boxing fights.

Whatever the unexpected growth may ultimately lead to, it has already given the Halls something they have long desired: a career in digital content production on a full-time basis. To begin, we were introduced to one another at Walgreens. At the next intersection, I was able to get her attention and instructed her to pull over into the Walgreens parking lot. From that point on, we had a pleasant talk, traded phone numbers, and continued to keep in touch as friends for a considerable amount of time.

I believe that at that very moment, we both had an immediate attraction to the other person. I mean, she was just as stunning on the inside and exterior as she is now, so I couldn’t let her get away with it back then. Since Marco and I both had children from our prior partnerships, we were both aware that we wanted to get married as soon as possible in order to bring our families together. And now, many years later, in January of this year, we became parents to our third son.

The moment we started going out together, we made the decision to start producing stuff for social media. Before we ever realized that it was something that we would use to establish a business, we have always found great joy in expressing the love that we have for one another. On the other hand, ever since the beginning, fashion and fitness have always been areas of particular interest to us, particularly Marco. It’s all up to Marco to decide how we should look!

The Beverly Halls Phone number and Contact Details:

Due to Their vast following, it is impossible to directly contact him. Their phone number is (310) 550-4000. We may also offer Their office fax number Not Available.

Please note that we do not have Their personal phone number. You may contact him via Their assistant.

The Beverly Halls Official Website and Email Id:

The Beverly Halls’s official website and email address are shown below.
Please go to The Beverly Halls‘s email address and official website for the most up-to-date information available.
The Beverly Halls‘s official website is Not Available.
We are unable to contact him since we do not have Their email address.

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  1. He was born in NA
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We immediately came to the conclusion that our relatively modest fans at the time wanted to hear more from us, and as a result, we began to concentrate the majority of our efforts on YouTube toward the end of 2019. As soon as the quarantine period began, we made the decision to increase our material on TikTok. We got our big break with our first viral video, which showcased our fashionable styles and had over 11 million views. TikTok provided us with a great deal of optimism over our ability to connect with the appropriate audiences.

We have experienced just about everything there is to experience as a marriage and as a family, and as a result, the family unit is the thing that Marco and I love more than anything else in this life. For us, it was a no-brainer to openly expose the realities of our lives and our family in a manner that was approachable to others. Because there are so many “ideal” family channels available, I believe that the thing that differentiates The Beverly Halls from the other channels is the fact that our family is not flawlessly integrated.

It is really important to us that others know that we did not have the best possible beginnings when we first started out. To develop into the family that we are now, it took a lot of hard work from all of us. We often go through the comments left by our supporters, many of whom find our narrative to be quite laudable and motivational. The happiness and affection that we share with our followers give them the impression that they are an integral part of our group as well.

We genuinely do believe that “Anything is achievable for everyone who is willing to work towards it,” and that is exactly what we are doing to make this a reality for ourselves and others! Every day, we have been putting in a lot of effort to ensure that the content we generate is of the highest possible standard and reflects who we are as a family-oriented business.

We collaborate with our manager. Vanessa Beals, who works for Underscore Talent, to really figure out our content schedule and find ways to deliver our videos in a way that not only fits in with what’s trending but also could best represent us in a positive light as millennial parents and Black creators. It would appear that our most popular videos are those in which we document our day-to-day activities with our newborn infant, such as storytimes, pranks, and other hilarious stuff.

With several of our YouTube Shorts hitting over 10 million views apiece, it would appear that we are one of the leading family channels in the industry. Because of the immense popularity of our TikToks, we have amassed an audience of more than 11 million total followers across all of our accounts. We wanted to test the waters and see if the YouTube audience had an interest in the topic after Vanessa suggested us get our content rolling out on Shorts. To our delight, they did! We had 150,000 subscribers when February (2021) rolled around, but this month we have more than one million subscribers.

Videos that were getting between 5 and 10 million views on TikTok, like this one, were getting between 20 and 50 million views on Shorts, like this one. We became an endearing family on YouTube in a very short amount of time. We want others to have the sense that they are a member of our family when they interact with us. We have high hopes that people will leave here feeling uplifted, optimistic, and content.

We are a young family who enjoys looking nice, traveling, working out together, eating healthily, and having a lot of fun with each other. We also enjoy having a lot of fun with each other. When people view our work, we hope they will take away the message that everything is possible, regardless of who you are or where you come from.

Gaining a family on YouTube has unquestionably brought about a great deal of change for us, and it has also made plenty of new prospects for partnerships available to us. We have become aware that our influence is being felt by a large number of individuals who have an interest in learning more about the history of our family and the way we choose to live.

Since the first of January 2021, the production of content has been our primary focus, and we are pleased to report that this endeavor has been quite fulfilling for us. Our objective is to continue pursuing content on a full-time basis, collaborate with more well-known brands such as Walgreens, Pampers, HomeGoods, and Target, and ultimately become long-term brand ambassadors for products and services that we genuinely enjoy and depend on in our daily lives.

Because we had such rigorous occupations before this for such a significant amount of time, the fact that we are now able to work from the comfort of our own homes is our absolute favorite thing about generating content. We value being involved in our kids’ lives. Because we are all at home having fun together shooting films, it is wonderful to see how the boys’ own personalities are developing. We have a lot of reasons to be proud of our children, and we are happy that we will have these videos to look back on in the years to come.

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