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Cora Susan Collins was an American actress who appeared in films during the Golden Years of Hollywood. Although she did not transition to adult stardom and her career in Hollywood only lasted for a brief 13 years, she made 47 film appearances during her time in the industry. Cora Susan Collins was born on April 19, 1927.

Cora Sue Collins

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Collins had roles in several films during the 1930s and 1940s, including Queen Christina, Anna Karenina, All This, and Heaven Too. She was often cast as the daughter of the main protagonists or as the main character herself when she was younger in the stories. It was initially planned for her to play Becky Thatcher in the 1938 film adaptation of The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. Still, the role of Amy Lawrence was eventually written for her after it was determined that Collins was too tall to play Tommy Kelly.

She claimed that the author Harry Ruskin, 33 years her senior, attempted to coerce her into having sex with him when she was only 15 years old in exchange for a good role. She declined and then told Louis B. Mayer about what had occurred, who was unconcerned and unconcerned about what she had shared with him. In the 1945 drama picture Youth on Trial, she portrayed the character of the juvenile delinquent daughter of a court judge. This role was among her few opportunities to star in a leading role.

After making her final film appearance in 1945, she left the entertainment industry at 18 and retired. Around the same time, Collins tied the knot with Ivan Stauffer, a prosperous rancher from Nevada. In 1960, when she was on vacation, burglars stole two mink coats from her house while she was away. She tied the knot with James Morgan Cox around the year 1961.

Collins was identified as Susie Nace in a piece published in 1996 and said she resided in Phoenix, Arizona. Harry Nace, who owned a theatre and died in June 2002 at 87, was her spouse. Collins and Greta Garbo kept in touch until Garbo died in 1990, even working together in two films.

Cora Sue Collins Phone number and Contact Details:

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Some Important Facts About Cora Sue Collins:

  1. She was born on 19 April 1927.
  2. Her age is 96 years old.
  3. Her birth sign is Aries.

Cora Sue Collins was a child star who competed with Shirley Temple and appeared in more than 30 films during the golden age of Hollywood. She worked alongside some of the most famous actors and directors. Then, she left the entertainment business without a reason, leaving her fans curious. For a long time, many people were interested in where she was. Collins herself would not comment on what had taken place. Then, in 2020, she finally disclosed the shocking explanation for why she had given up her successful career.

The 95-year-old woman made the claim to author Carla Valderrama for the very first time. Valderrama is the author of the book “This Was Hollywood: Forgotten Stars and Stories,” which will be published by Turner Classic Movies in 2020. Valderrama wrote the book for the Turner Classic Movies anthology.

She said that when she was 15 years old, screenwriter Harry Ruskin, who was 50, informed her that he would provide the young girl with a project he had written if she slept with him first. She claimed that he made this promise to her. Collins, who was terrified, marched over to the office of Louis B. Mayer, the co-founder of MGM, and related her story to him. Collins stated that Mayer told her, “Darling, you’ll get used to it.” about the situation. After that, he threatened that she would never find another job again.

She was a massive fan of old Hollywood tales. Still, she couldn’t help but observe that most of the books published each year were almost identical, rehashing the same stories about stars like Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, and Grace Kelly. Therefore, Valderrama’s book concentrates on the celebrities who, according to her, have lost their legacies to the passage of time. Some of these stars are Lois Weber, Florence Lawrence, Cora Sue Collins, and Susue Hayakawa.

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