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Wade Barnes, a citizen of the United States and active participant in the gaming community, is better known by his alias, “LordMinion777,” which he uses online. He has gained an unbelievable amount of fame thanks to his incredible films on the Let’s Play platform, which feature several Minecraft games. On the ‘Vox Populi’ server, the results of his work in tandem with the extremely well-known gamer ‘Markiplier’ have been quite positive. Their work together on the series of video games known as “Drunk Minecraft” has, to this point, been their most fruitful endeavor.

Wade’s life, both professionally and emotionally, was fundamentally altered as a direct result of the series. The popularity of the series not only brought him wealth and celebrity, but it also led him to the person who would become his life partner. “Molly,” better known as “FoxTrot44,” is engaged to be married to Wade, who plays on the “Twitch” streaming platform. Wade is the owner of a channel on YouTube where he posts footage of himself playing the video game Minecraft. Additionally, he is active on a variety of other social media networks.

Wade had a very reticent demeanor even as a young child. Wade’s upbringing was marred by a number of unfortunate events, and as a result, he was never very open with people. After completing his schooling at the university, he became acquainted with the well-known online gamer “Mark Edward Fischbach,” also known as “Markiplier.” Wade was really interested in learning about Mark’s plans for his career on “YouTube.”

During that time period, Mark was contributing to the “Multiplayer Minecraft” server known as “Vox Populi.” Mark looked for a person who could assist him with the module and couldn’t find anyone. Wade was excited to take on the part when it was offered to him, and he gladly accepted it. This was the first step on his path to becoming a well-known player on online gaming platforms.

After the release of the ‘Drunk Minecraft game series, Wade’s career as an online gamer was given a significant boost. The primary authors of this series are known by their pen names, Wade, Mark, and Bob “Muyskerm.” The novel premise caused gamers to go absolutely nuts, which contributed to the series’ meteoric rise to prominence. Due to Mark’s deteriorating health, we were unfortunately forced to decide to stop the series.

Following the success of ‘Drunk Minecraft,’ Wade was able to establish a name for himself as an online gamer. Encouraged by this, he made the decision to start his own gameplay content publication channel on the website YouTube. He chose the name “LordMinion777” for his YouTube account.

More than a million people are currently subscribed to the channel, which is an impressive number. The live streaming application known as “Twitch” is one of the primary means by which Wade communicates with his devoted following. His “Twitter” handle has a total of more than 800 thousand followers to this day. The number of followers on Wade’s “Tumblr” account, which he uses to share stuff related to “Minecraft,” has also grown to a respectable level.


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United States

If you are one of his many admirers and who want to write a letter to LordMinion777, we recommend that you utilize his fan mail address provided here. According to the AR, the fan mail address is LordMinion777, United States

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The videos titled “Markiplier Being Dumb on Stage in Front of 1000 People with Friends at PAX East” and “Markiplier’s December Charity Livestream: Toys for Tots” was created and directed cooperatively by Wade, along with his two “Minecraft” friends, Mark and Bob. Molly, better known by her online moniker “Foxtrot44,” is Wade’s fiancée at the moment. Molly is popular on both “Instagram” and “Twitch,” where she streams video games. They got to know one another while playing the “Drunk Minecraft” game on the game server known as “Vox Populi.”

When Molly’s life was very challenging at the time, she would frequently spend time observing Mark playing video games. She happened to notice Wade playing on the server as she was watching the gameplay, and she immediately felt a connection to him. After some time had passed, Molly expressed her gratitude to Wade via text message. After they had formally introduced themselves to one another, they started talking to one another more frequently. They ended up talking about their experiences, which helped bring them even closer together.

Molly’s feelings for Wade had slowly built, but she was hesitant to reveal them to him. Wade wondered whether there was anyone on the internet who might be interested in marrying him as he was making one of the videos for the series “Drunk Minecraft.” Molly had the strongest want to call out her own name, but she restrained herself due to her shyness. Instead, she yelled, “Who doesn’t want to marry you?” in her direction. She was completely unaware that her statement would be videotaped and then forwarded to Wade at a later time.

Following the conclusion of the embarrassing episode of “Drunk Minecraft,” Molly sent Wade a message requesting that he text her back. Wade surprised her by texting her again a few days later, and from that point on, they carried on an endless conversation. The text conversations soon evolved into video conferences, and during one of those talks, Wade dropped the question.

On April 3rd, 1989, Wade Barnes was born in the state of Ohio. His mother also gave birth to a half-brother by the name of Josh as well as a half-sister by the name of Ashley. He has never thought of them in the context of being his half-siblings and has always dealt with them as if they were his own children.

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LordMinion777 Phone number and Contact Details:

Due to his vast following, it is impossible to directly contact him. His phone number is Not Available. We may also offer his office fax number Not Available.

Please note that we do not have his personal phone number. You may contact him via his assistant.

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LordMinion777’s official website and email address are shown below.
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LordMinion777‘s official website is Not Available.
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Instagram Handle https://www.instagram.com/thelordminion777
Facebook Handle https://www.facebook.com/Lordminion777
Youtube Channel Not Available
Twitter https://twitter.com/LordMinion777
TikTok Id Not Available

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Some Important Facts About LordMinion777:

  1. He was born on April 3, 1989.
  2. His age is 33 Years Old.
  3. His birth sign is Aries.

Zach is Wade’s younger brother and they both have the same name. When he was four years old, his father began an alcohol addiction and frequently exhibited violent behavior against the family. It was a difficult period for all of them, but especially for his mother, who raised the children on her own while also taking care of her alcoholic husband. She did all of this while working full-time. Despite all of these challenges, Wade had a happy and carefree upbringing.

Wade was unable to save his father, who passed away on August 22, 2000. During his time at high school, Wade participated in the sport of basketball. After graduating from the University of Miami, he continued his education at Cincinnati University. He first declared his intent to major in “political science,” but subsequently changed his mind and declared his intention to major in “philosophy.” After graduating in 2011, he found work at a convenience store called ‘UDF.’

He was employed there for a short period of time before deciding to leave in order to pursue a career as a gamer. Prior to his relationship with Molly, Wade was engaged to one of his classmates. They had a serious relationship for a considerable amount of time but eventually broke up because of how often they fought. On the evening of April 21, an announcement party will be held at Envision Cinemas in Blue Ash to officially launch PiviP.

This will include its very own mini-festival, complete with esports competitions, a “binge-a-thon” featuring movies such as “Warcraft: The Beginning” and “Rampage,” and attendees dressed in cosplay costumes. The date of the actual event itself has not yet been decided upon for 2019, although it will take place in 2019.

Donabedian has extensive experience in the festival industry, having co-founded notable events such as the MidPoint, Bunbury, Buckle Up, and Bellewether music festivals in addition to Pandemonium. Even though Donabedian is not a gamer himself, he sought to Barnes for help because he was motivated by the passion that his own children have for video games.

Barnes, who has more than 1.4 million subscribers on his LordMinion777 channel – more than rock groups Aerosmith and Blink 182, more than musician James Blunt – told me that he laughed out loud when he first saw himself listed in the PiviP lineup as a “expert consultant for gaming.” His channel has more subscribers than any of the aforementioned celebrities. He doesn’t see himself in that light at all. The resident of Milford was unsure as to whether or not he met the requirements for that title. He did not start out with the intention of becoming a successful YouTuber.

Barnes, who recently turned 29, learned how to play computer games in the same way that a lot of other men of his generation did. He received a Sega Genesis as a gift from his parents when he was only four years old and was raised in Cincinnati. He has fond memories of spending time with his father playing video games such as “Streets of Rage” and “PGA Tour Gold III,” as well as traveling to his grandparents’ home to utilize their Intellivision. When he turned 10, his parents surprised him with a Playstation, and from that point on, there was no stopping him.

We now jump ahead to when Barnes was in college and had stopped playing video games. He was working toward his bachelor’s degree in philosophy with the objective of attending law school and eventually becoming a judge. He took the LSAT and scored “quite well,” in his opinion; however, he experienced a crisis of faith and ended up working at United Dairy Farmers scooping ice cream.

That was Barnes’ initial upload to his channel on YouTube. They would go over to Fischbach’s place, drink wine, beer, or vodka, and then play the video game Minecraft for a couple of hours while uploading the video to YouTube. Another buddy of theirs named Bob Muyskens was also involved in this activity. With over 20 million subscribers, Fishbach, who is better known these days as Markiplier, went on to become one of the most popular YouTubers in the history of the platform.

The game Drunk Minecraft quickly became popular. It was really through this that Barnes was able to meet his future wife, who was also a fan of the series, and began communicating with him about it. At some point in the future, she would encourage him to launch his own channel.

Despite Fishbach’s popularity at the time, Barnes had not yet entertained the idea of making a living through YouTube at that moment. It wasn’t until he had been operating his own channel for a full year and was working at the Cincinnati Eye Institute that he met his first fan, and from that point on, everything began to shift.

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