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Michael Connell Biehn, a lawyer, is the second of three sons born to Marcia and Don Connell. He is the middle child even though he is only half of German descent. He and his family made their home in Lake Havasu City, Arizona. Michael Biehn was born on the 31st of July, 1956, which means he is now 64 years old as of the 24th of January, 2021. His weight is 79 kg, and his height is 1.83 meters.

Michael Biehn

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Michael Biehn Fanmail Address :

Michael Biehn
Berwick & Kovacik
6230 Wilshire Blvd.
Suite 2140
Los Angeles, CA 90048-5126

If you are one of his many admirers and who want to write a letter to Michael Biehn, we recommend that you utilize his fan mail address provided here. According to the AR, the fan mail address is Michael Biehn Berwick & Kovacik 6230 Wilshire Blvd. Suite 2140 Los Angeles, CA 90048-5126 USA.

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After completing his high school education, he enrolled in a theater program at the University of Arizona and subsequently went to Hollywood. During high school, he participated in the school’s play club. Michael Biehn has gone through three different marriages in his life. His first wife’s name was Carlene Olson, and they tied the knot in July 1980. Shortly after their marriage, they welcomed two children into the world: twins named Devon and Taylor.

The couple divorced in 1987. After that, Michael wed Gina Marsh, who would become his second wife; the couple went on to have two boys, Caelian Michael and Alexander, although their marriage would ultimately end in divorce in 2008. Jennifer Blanc, also an actress, is his third and current wife; they have a kid named Dashiell King Biehn. Together, they have a career in the entertainment industry.

Biehn began his start in the film industry in 1978 with a small role in the film adaptation of the musical Grease. He appears in two different situations, including one in which the character Danny, played by John Travolta, smacks the uncredited character, played by Michael Biehn, in the stomach while they are playing basketball.

In the 1981 film adaptation of Bob Randall’s book The Fan, which starred Lauren Bacall, he played the part of a stalker named Douglas Breen. This film was released in 1981. In the 1984 film The Terminator, which also starred Arnold Schwarzenegger and Linda Hamilton, Biehn portrayed the role of Sgt. Kyle Reese is a soldier sent back in time by John Connor to rescue his mother, Sarah Connor. Biehn was cast alongside Schwarzenegger and Hamilton.

Aliens (in which he played the character of Corporal Hicks) and The Abyss (in which he played the role of Lieutenant Hiram Coffey) were two of the other films that James Cameron directed. He also had a tiny part in Terminator 2: Judgment Day, in which he briefly reprised his role as Reese in a sequence removed from the final picture but restored for the Director’s released version. It was contemplated casting him as the film’s adversary, the T-1000, but ultimately Robert Patrick was released in the part.

In an interview in 2019, Biehn announced that he would not be returning to the role of John Connor in any of the following chapters of the Terminator franchise, including Terminator: Dark Fate. Biehn said in the same interview that he was initially unenthusiastic about acting in a film directed by Arnold Schwarzenegger since he had planned to work with actors such as Al Pacino and Robert De Niro.

Michael Biehn Phone number and Contact Details:

Due to his vast following, it is impossible to directly contact him. His phone number is (310) 432-1463. We may also offer his office fax number is not available.

Please note that we do not have his personal phone number. You may contact him via his assistant.

Michael Biehn Official Website and Email Id:

Michael Biehn’s official website and email address are shown below.
Please go to Michael Biehn‘s email address and official website for the most up-to-date information available.
Michael Biehn’s official website is not available.
We are unable to contact him since we do not have his email address.

Michael Biehn Social Media Accounts

If you want to follow him on social media sites, you must first verify the provided social media networking information, which includes Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. All of these are official accounts, as shown by the blue tick. Furthermore, he has a YouTube channel, however, this is not a confirmed account.

Instagram Handle https://www.instagram.com/therealmichaelb/
Facebook Handle https://www.facebook.com/michaelbiehnofficial/
Youtube Channel Not Available
Twitter https://twitter.com/michaelbiehn
TikTok Id @michaelbiehnfans

Some Important Facts About Michael Biehn:

  1. He was born on 31 July 1956.
  2. His age is 66 years old.
  3. His birth sign is Leo.

Biehn’s character Hicks, who had survived the events of Aliens, was initially intended to take the protagonist role in an early draft of William Gibson’s Alien 3 script. Sigourney Weaver’s Ellen Ripley was supposed to be replaced by Hicks. Walter Hill and David Giler wrote the final screenplay, which included a sequence in which Hicks was killed immediately.

After discovering that his character would die, Biehn asked and was granted almost the same amount of money for using his image in a single scene as he had been paid for his part in Aliens. In the movie Tombstone, Biehn portrayed the part of Johnny Ringo, and one of their scenes together included Val Kilmer in the role of Doc Holliday.

In addition, he has starring roles in three television series, including the drama The Magnificent Seven (1998–2000) on CBS, the television series Adventure Inc. (2002–2003) on the Tribune Entertainment syndicated network, and Hawaii (2004) on the NBC network.

After that, all three of the series were canceled due to the poor ratings they received. Some consideration was given to casting Michael Biehn as Colonel Miles Quaritch, the primary antagonist in James Cameron’s science fiction epic film Avatar (2009). However, Cameron feared that combining Biehn’s appearance in the picture with Weaver’s would cause audiences to be too reminded of Aliens.

The Blood Bond is a movie that was directed by Biehn in 2010. In 2011, he wrote and directed The Victim, in which he also appeared. In the eleventh season of the horror series The Walking Dead, which aired on AMC in 2022, he played the role of Ian.

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